ALLDOMUS integrates in a single system: automations for gates, garage doors, private car parks (chain barriers, road barriers, etc…), awnings, shutters, ON/OFF and dimmable light points and inlet sockets.

ALLDOMUS allows:
• To integrate in a single system all the automation of your own house, with an easy graphic interface accessible via smartphone, tablet and PC, without the need for expensive units
• To monitor the status of all controlled devices, in real-time, thanks to a graphic and intuitive feedback
• Wireless connection of all the automations, avoiding the wiring costs of the control system
• To manage and control all the devices of your system, at any time, by using your smartphone from your house (local Wi-Fi connection) or remotely (internet connection)
• Multiple user accessibility (more mobile devices are connected at the same time)
• To configure easily the system according to the user’s preferences
• To add new devices at any time to extend and modify the system

ALLDOMUS will consist of:
• My AMT Box (gateway). Supervisor of all the connected devices and Wi-Fi access point for the connection from smartphones and other mobile devices. Extendable with My AMT Box Slave
to reach the most inaccessible part of the house.
• Application for local control system
• Application for remote control system

Possibility to access the system control pages through smartphone, tablet, PC or other device.
If a home Wi-Fi Modem-Router is available, it is possible to configure MyAmtBox as client of the pre-existing Wi-Fi network, ensuring continuous internet access.
Three-level security encrypted system to make your installation unbreachable.
The connection between MyAmt Box and the automation devices or accessories is ensured by RF Bidirectional communication system. Each device meant to be controlled by ALLDOMUS will be equipped with a specific receiver (separate or integrated) from the SafeF3 range.