22Mar 2018

ALLDOMUS. RESIDENTIAL HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM INTEGRATED CONTROL OF AUTOMATION SYSTEMS AND AUXILIARY DEVICES. ALLDOMUS integrates in a single system: automations for gates, garage doors, private car parks (chain barriers, road barriers, etc…), awnings, shutters, ON/OFF and dimmable light points and inlet sockets. ALLDOMUS allows: • To integrate in a single system all the automation of your own house, […]

21Mar 2018

SAFE F3 BIDIRECTIONAL TRANSCEIVER SYSTEM WITH HIGH SPEED AND HIGH SECURITY DATA EXCHANGE The system allows to: • Immediately get the acknowledgement from the receiving system (receiver, motor control unit, etc…) • Require, at any time, the status of the controlled automation (closed gate, closed relays, lighted lamp…) getting an immediate response based on the real status of […]

03Feb 2017

Burberry Cashmere Scarf Control unit for 24Vdc wing gates. Programming through display. Simplified installation. Incorporated 433.92 MHz radio receiver. Amperometric detection of Cheap Converse Shoes obstacles. Programmable via Android Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos tablets and Burberry Uk Outlet smartphones. Versions compatible with Bluetooth module.