Control units for 2 gearmotors 24 Vdc.

AS24 control unit for 2 wings gates: motors without encoder

Main characteristics:
• Built – in decoding for fixed and rolling code.
• Learning up to 1000 transmitters.
• Easier learning of the stroke of the wings.
• Adjustable independent slowing downs.
• Adjusting of the motor’s effort at regularly running and during the slowing down.
• Selectable pre –flashing and condominium.
• Modifiable 2° wing delay in closing.
• Adjustable automatic re- closing time.
• Radio receiver module.

Inputs: step–by–step button, pedestrian button, stop button, opening and closing photocells and 2 limit swithes.
Output: flashing light output 24Vac, power supply for photocells.
Optional: battery charger card and R2 card with 2 dry contacts for several uses.

Dim. (mm) W x D x H = 200 x 250 x 100
AS24 standard.
AS24 underground.
AS24 maxiartk.

Terminal board
S.C.R. 2nd radio channel
PP (N.O.) STEP BY STEP button
STOP (N.C.) STOP button
COM Common
FOTO INT (N.C.) Internal photocell contact
FOTO EST (N.C.) External photocell contact
F.C.1 (N.C.) Limit switch 1
F.C.2 (N.C.) Limit switch 2
ALIM.FOTO Photocell contact
LAMP. Flashing light
ANT. Antenna
C.A. Antenna braiding