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Electromechanical gearmotor for up-and-over rigid doors.

BAS230 Irreversible electromechanical gearmotor 230 Vac complete with control unit ERMES2, radio module IB1 and courtesy light. On-board control unit with radio receiver. Electronic torque adjuster, adjustable slowing down both at opening and closing, independent operation of the opening and closing stroke.
BAS230 with control unit
BAS230 motor only

Note: for bascule door having surface between 8m² and 16m², 2 gearmotors must be installed on sides; in this condition, it’s possible to install the pedestrian door.

BAS low voltage electromechanical gearmotor suitable for bascule doors for domestic use.

• Simple: easily adjustable electrical limit switches.
• Practical: thanks to the possibility to unlock the motor with a comfortable handle.
• Compact: control unit equipped with radio module and courtesy light.
• Sophisticated control unit with slowing down in opening and closing.
• Easily adjustable electrical limit switches.
• Comfortable emergency unlocking device.

Technical features BAS230
Power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
Motor power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
Motor absorption (A) 1.3
Motor power (W) 250
Maximum door dimension (m2) 10
Capacitor (µF) 12.5
Maximum torque (Nm) 200
Opening – closing time (sec) 15
Service (%) 50
Protection degree (IP) 30
Control unit ERMES 2
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