The automation for residential use noisless, safe and reliable.
Irreversible Electromechanical gearmotor for wing gates. Suitable for gates up to 3 meters.

KINEO 400 Electromechanical gearmotor 230 Vac. Extruded aluminium structure. Easily adjustable limit switch both in opening and/or in closing function (OPTIONAL). Stroke 400mm
Mounting brackets included.
KINEO 400 version 230Vac
KINEO 400 24V version 24Vdc

Control unit.

BIOS 2 Control unit for 1 or 2 wings gate. Available also in an economic version. Electronic torque adjustment, extractable memory, functions selection through display, self–learning of strokes, differentiable slowing downs during opening and closing phase. Control unit with managing of a transmitter through the display. Adjustable obstacle detection, self-diagnosis of safety devices only for completed version.
BIOS 2 version 230Vac
BIOS 2 ECO version 230Vac

AS24 Control unit for 1 or 2 wings gate without encoder. Easy and fast learning function, adjustable electronic clutch and anti-squeezing security device. Wide possibility to adjust the door’s motion. Extractable terminal board to make the installation and the maintenance easier.


Electromechanical gear motor KINEO 400 for wing gates, perfect for residential use gates.

• Reliable: built with quality materials, gears are all metal.
• Easily adjustable limit switch (OPTIONAL).
• Comfortable unlocking device with key, presents on both sides of the gearmotor.

For gate with length larger than 2m we recommend the use of an electrical lock.

Technical features KINEO 400  KINEO 400 
Power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
(120Vac – 60Hz)
230 Vac – 50Hz
Motor power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz 24Vdc
Motor absorption (A) 1.0 3.0
Motor power (W) 200 50
Maximum wing weight (Kg) 250 200
Capacitor (µF) 10 -
Maximum wing width (m) 3 2.5
Maximum stem stroke (mm) 400 400
Maximum thrust (N) 2900 2000
Service (%) 50 70
Recommended daily revolutions (n°) 100 100
Protection degree (IP) 55 55
Control unit BIOS 2 AS24