The top of technology in a compact and noiseless gearmotor.
Electromechanical gearmotor for sliding gates suitable for gates up to 500 Kg.

SIM 230 is an electromechanical irreversible 230 Vac gearmotor for sliding gates up to a weight of 500 Kg.
Available with BIOS1 or ERMES2 Control units with radio receiving module.
Backing plate included



The attention to structural details guarantees to this gearmotor maximum precision, functionality and reliability across time. The easiest gearmotor for
sliding gates, even easier and more practical to install. Compact and solid mechanics, combined with essential and performing electronics.
SIM is the ideal solution for sliding gates up to 500KG for residential use.

Integrated electronics the automation is more useful because it makes life easier. More versatile because it helps you in more customisable ways.
ERMES2 (230V,120V). Reliable and essential. Integrated radio receiver
BIOS1(230V,120V). Advanced, reliable and compact. Integrated radio receiver

Technical features SIM1 230
Power Supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
(120Vac – 60Hz)
Motor power supply (V) 230 Vac – 50Hz
Motor absorption (A) 1.3
Motor power (W) 280
Maximum gate weight (Kg) 500
Capacitor (µF) 12.5
Speed (m/min) 10
Maximum thrust (N) 320
Service (%) 50
Recommended daily revolutions (n°) 150
Protection degree (IP) 44
Control unit ERMES2/BIOS1