The Fresnel type high performance optic is easily adjustable on frictioned and self-locking joints both horizontally, being able to rotate 180° (± 90°), or vertically with a possible rotation of ± 10°. The optic is completely independent of the electronic board, this greatly facilitates the orientation when the wiring is already performed. Double relay equipment with series exchanges, the NC contact and the photo test function make it conform to the standards of category 3 of UNI EN ISO 13849-1 (update of EN 954-1).
Possibility to connect up to 8 pairs of photocells by synchronizing the transmission (multiplexed system) without interference. The selection is made by 4-way dip-switches placed both on the transmitter and on the receiver.

IR transmission with advanced digital protocol that guarantees maximum efficiency, disturbance immunity and reduced consumption. Reinforced power supply to tolerate voltages up to 35Vdc or 30Vac.

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