15Feb 2021

CONTROL UNIT FOR ROLLING SHUTTERS, MOTORS UP TO 1000 W Advanced, performing and compact control unit. BAXS900L meets the strictest safety standards, with self-diagnosis of photocells and safety edge. Available with or without courtesy light box. It can be operated via radio, by wired buttons and by a pushbutton panel on the front panel. Inputs […]

11Jan 2021

DESIGNED FOR INTENSIVE USE AND SPEED UP TO 20 m / minute. HIGH PERFORMANCE IN A GEARMOTOR BUILT TO LAST OVER TIME. State-of-the-art mechanical technology, refined and robust, combined with integrated BIOS 1 24 POWER electronics and with an unprecedented number of features. Available in 2 models, for intensive use up to 1500kg, and fast […]

27Sep 2019

IRIS The Fresnel type high performance optic is easily adjustable on frictioned and self-locking joints both horizontally, being able to rotate 180° (± 90°), or vertically with a possible rotation of ± 10°. The optic is completely independent of the electronic board, this greatly facilitates the orientation when the wiring is already performed. Double relay […]

01Aug 2019

SEKTIO 500 OPERATOR FOR SECTIONAL DOORS UP TO 9 m2 /h 2500 mm COMPACT AND FUNCTIONAL Irreversible electromechanical gearmotor 24Vdc (system supplied in 230Vac). Integrated control unit and LED courtesy light. Advanced force control system for high safety in every situation. The kit includes a toothed belt and 3 meters of pre-assembled guide (in 3 parts). […]