Control units for 1 gearmotor 230 Vac

AV1 For roll-up shutters and sliding gates, in an elegant and functional box.

Main characteristics:
• Built–in fixed and rolling code decoding to be selected with jumper.
• Extractable memory and terminal boards.
• Learning up to 1000 transmitters.
• Programmable working time and automatic reclosing time.
• Radio receiver module.
• Power supply 24 Vac max 100 mA for accessories .

Inputs: step–by–step button, stop button, photocell, open and close limit switch (or open and close buttons).

Dim. (mm) W x D x H = 160 x 190 x 70 BOX

Preset for torque adjuster and additional R2 card.

Terminal board
ANT.  Antenna
C.A. Antenna braiding
FOTO (N.C.) Photocell contact
STOP (N.C.) STOP button
COM Common
PP (N.O.) STEP BY STEP button
FC.C. (N.C.) Limit switch close
FC.A. (N.C.) Limit switch open
P.A. (N.O.) OPEN button
P.C. (N.C.) CLOSE button
AP Open
CH Close