Control units for 2 gearmotor 24 Vdc

BIOS2 24V Control unit for gates with 1 or 2 wings.

Main characteristics:
• Control unit with managing of a transmitter through the display.
• Extractable memory and terminal boards.
• Electronic torque adjustment.
• Learning up to 1000 transmitters.
• Functions selection through display.
• Self–learning of strokes.
• Differentiable slowing downs during opening and closing phase.
• Adjustable obstacle detection.
• Self-diagnosis of safety devices.
• Led for inputs status.
• Radio receiver module.

Inputs: open button, close button, step–by–step button, pedestrian button, stop button, 2 photocells and safety edge.
Outputs: Integrated flashing circuit 230 Vac, courtesy light/open gate warning light and power supply accessories (24 Vdc)..

Dim. (mm) W x D x H = 140 x 175 x 45 SK

Terminal board
COM Common
CLOSE (N.O.) CLOSE button
OPEN (N.O.) OPEN button
S.S. (N.O.) STEP BY STEP button
STOP (N.C.) STOP button
PH1 (N.C.) Photocell contact 1
PH2 (N.C.) Photocell contact 2
EDGE Safety edge
EL Electrical lock
FM1-FM2 Power supply
OGL Courtesy light
FLASH Flashing light
SHIELD Antenna braiding
M1 Motor 1
M2 Motor 2
BATTERY CHARGER Connector for battery charger card