Control units for three-phase motors.

CT3IND control board for the operating and controlling, through contactors, of industrial automations equipped with one THREE PHASES MOTOR 400 Vac 50Hz 1.5KW Max or SINGLE PHASE 230 Vac 50Hz 800W Max.

Main characteristics:
• Amperometric sensor in each phase for the obstacles detection.
• Verification system for phase loss (only for three phases)
• Motor protection function that limits the maximum current (current limited to 10A).
• Wide display and 3 keys for the setting of the parameters.
• Integrated radio receiver.
• Adjustable obstacle detection.
• Self-diagnosis of safety devices.
• Led for inputs status.

Inputs: open button, close button, step–by–step button, pedestrian button, stop button, open and close limit switch, 2 photocells and 2 safety edges (N.C. or 8k2).
Outputs: integrated traffic light output, integrated flashing circuit 230 Vac, courtesy light, accessories power supply 24 Vav/dc.

Dim. (mm) W x D x H = 300 x 220 x 120 BOX
Box with buttons.
Simple box.

Terminal board
ANT. Antenna
C.A. Antenna braiding
C.L. Courtesy light
TRAFFIC LIGHT Semaphoric exit
IN2 (N.O.) Delayed closure
IN1 (N.O.) Opening command
COM Common
S.S. (N.O.) STEP BY STEP button
OPEN (N.O.) OPEN button
CLOSE (N.O.) CLOSE button
STOP (N.C.) STOP button
L.S.OP. (N.C.) Limit switch open
L.S.CL. (N.C.) Limit switch close
PHOTO1 (N.C.) Photocell contact 1
PHOTO2 (N.C.) Photocell contact 2
EDGE1 Safety edge 1
EDGE2 Safety edge 2
 R (L) – S (N) – T Power supply
400V Selector for 3-phases motor
230V Selector for single phase motor