Control units for 1 gearmotor 230 Vac

ERMES2 For bascule and sliding gates, It can be directly installed on-board the motor.

Main characteristics:
• Built–in decoding for fixed and rolling code.
• Extractable memory.
• Electronic torque adjustment.
• Learning up to 1000 transmitters.
• Function selection by dip switch.
• Time or limit switch controlled slowing downs.
• Self–diagnosis of the safety devices.
• Radio receiver module.
• Integrated flashing light circuit.
• Integrated courtesy light circuit.
• Power supply for accessories, 24 Vac maximum 3W.

Inputs: step–by–step button, stop button, photocell, safety edge, open and close limit switch.

Dim. (mm) W x D x H = 145 x 180 x 85 BOX
Dim. (mm) W x D x H = 145 x 180 x 85 SK

ERMES2 Ext standard version.
ERMES2 box version.

Terminal board
COM Common
S.S (N.O.) STEP BY STEP button
PHOTO (N.C.) Photocell contact
STOP (N.C.) STOP button
EDGE (N.C.) Safety edge
L.S.CL. (N.C.) Limit switch close
L.S.OP. (N.C.) Limit switch open
24 Vac PHOTO Power supply for photocells
ANT. Antenna
C.A. Antenna braiding
B.RO. LIGHT Flashing light
C.L. Courtesy light