FT 00/7

FT00/7. Photocells (TX / RX) infrared modulated light, selectable range up to 30m and new sophisticated pcb designed to ensure the maximim Immunity to disturbances and interference, with the new light guide in board of the receiver. Synchronized photocells
Available also the small small columns with double height in case of installations on area with heavy goods vehicles

 Power supply Vdc 10,5-45
Vac 10,5-35
Range 8m / 30m
Relay contact 1A a 24Vdc
Current absorption TX: 12Vdc 8 mA
RX: 12Vdc 30 mA
TX: 12Vac 18 mA
RX: 12Vac 70 mA
Working temperature °C -10…+55
Response time ms 30
Infrared frequency pulse  Hz 550
Infrared wave lenght mm 950
Dimensions mm 61 x 91 x 34